What to try when remove_action doesn’t work

This one might seem like it’s an obvious “DUH” but it’s caught me up more than once, so I figured I’d write myself a note so I don’t spend hours digging thru forums.

Action hooks have to removed after they’ve been added (obviously), but sometimes a hook is added on the callback function of another one like this from the Genesis

add_action( 'admin_init', 'genesis_add_taxonomy_seo_options' );
 * Add the SEO options to each custom taxonomy edit screen.
 * @since 1.3.0
 * @see genesis_taxonomy_seo_options() Callback for SEO fields.
function genesis_add_taxonomy_seo_options() {

foreach ( get_taxonomies( array( 'show_ui' => true ) ) as $tax_name )
 add_action( $tax_name . '_edit_form', 'genesis_taxonomy_seo_options', 10, 2 );


I kept simply trying to use a remove_action inside of my plugin file, but I could not for the life of me figure out why it would not remove the actions.

It turns out that by the time my code executed, the Genesis hook had not been added, so it could not be removed.

This did work

add_action("admin_init", "remove_genesis_actions", 11);
 function remove_genesis_actions(){

The moral of the story here, is that when an action that you want to remove is added during the callback function of another hook, you may have to add your remove actions inside of a callback function attached to that original hook with a different priority. (Say that 10 times fast)

In my case, I had to hook my remove_actions onto a later execution of the admin_init hook. This way all of their add_actions were in the queue when I removed mine.

Worpress Submenu Page External Link

Okay so I’ve officially hit the “this is why other developers start a blog” point.

I’m tired of digging through bookmarks and code snippers to see how I’ve done something in the past and for most stuff GitHub is just not an option for simple snippets.

I wanted to add a submenu item to a Custom Post Type that pointed somewhere else.

Here’s how to do it:

add_action( 'admin_menu' , 'dlb_challenge_redirects' );

function dlb_challenge_redirects() {
 global $submenu;
 $submenu["edit.php?post_type=dlb-challenge"][] = array('Manage Actions', 'manage_categories' , "[URL GOES HERE]" );

*Caveat – The menu you’re adding this sub menu page to must already exist.

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